When will McCaffery learn?

Once again, some local yokel Saint Joe's homer named Jack McCaffery in the Delaware County Daily Times has taken a backhanded slap at Bucknell:
Choosing those 34 at-large teams is difficult, so it was hard to make a scream-out-loud case for the Hawks, who won neither 20 games, their conference nor their games against Drexel and Bucknell.
This is the same guy who wrote back in February:
. . . the greater mystery was how the Hawks lost to Bucknell, not how they managed to recover once they did.
Next thing you know, Jack will start in about how great it is to be No. 66 or 67. He will probably even try to convince folks that making the NIT finals is better than getting into the real dance. When he finishes that, he can explain how it is better to be Miss Congeniality than Miss America.

Our suggestion to McCaffery would be to mark his calendar for a trip to Lewisburg next season when Saint Joe's visits Sojka. Then he should be able to get a refresher course on how Bucknell kicked the Hawks ass.

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