Maybe had he been there

Some Saint Joe's homer by the name of Jack McCaffery got all gushy about the Hawks in a column today in the Delaware County Daily Times:
the greater mystery was how the Hawks lost to Bucknell, not how they managed to recover once they did.
Had our boy Jack been at that game he would know how it happened. Plain and simple, Bucknell kicked their ass. In their building. A week before beating Pittsburgh.

For some reason, Bucknell's rough road trip to American and Navy, two losses in games without their head coach on the bench, and a close loss at Lehigh, have folks suddenly forgetting what it was about Bucknell that they all thought was so good a month or so ago.

As they showed this weekend in avenging thos two losses with convincing wins over AU and the Midshipmen, Bucknell is still very much a team to be reckoned with in the Patriot League. Especially considering the fact that they are likely to play at least two games in the tournament at home, where they have not lost to a Patriot League team in two seasons.

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