Not dead yet

No, the Hawk will never die. But last night in Philly, he sure as heck looked like he was only flapping one wing most of the night.

Saint Joe's won a 49-36 decision over Richmond thatRay Parillo of the Philadelphia Inquirer called:
. . . a helter-skelter game in which the two teams combined for more turnovers than field goals, and in which the winning team made only 31 percent of its shots, the first team to 40 won
Unlike those Patriot League national broadcasts on CSTV, this one was actually available (for free, I might add) on the local cable system. Having heard the Hawks being hyped of late as a potential at large NCAA Tournament team, I tuned in to see if they were actually that much better than they were when Bucknell beat them.

Tell you right now, had the Hawks played this bad against Bucknell, the final margin would have looked a lot like the licking Villanova put on the Bison the other night.

We'd love to tell you this was the result of good defense by both teams. But that would be a lie. These two teams even struggled to make free throws.

Anybody who says the Hawks deserve an at large bid is either a Saint Joe's alumor on drugs.

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