Not ready for prime time

If we told you why the American at Bucknell game is being bumped to a ridiculous 5 p.m. start for College Sports TV, you would think we were trying to make a joke.

But we swear, this punchline is even better than any we'd have thought of. Take a look at tonight's CSTV schedule. The Patriot League has agreed to play at supper time because in prime time, CSTV has better things to air, like Ohio State vs. Wisconsin.

Big Time, Big Ten hoops ought to take precedence, you say? It's understandable the Patriot would be willing to take a back seat to get on the same network that shows Big Ten games, right?

Guess again. We're talking Lady Buckeyes at Lady Badgers -- in women's ice hockey.

CSTV is even replaying that game again at 11:30, in case both the parents who couldn't make it to the game were busy watching Joan of Arcadia and Jag during the live broadcast.

Interesting enough, CSTV will replay the AU-Bucknell game Saturday at noon, for those who prefer tape delay over live games like Syracuse-Villanova and Pitt-Notre Dame.

Somehow this reminds us of that old philosophy question about trees falling in the woods.

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