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Box score line of the day? It's actually a line that does not appear next to a name that is also missing in the box from Lehigh's home loss to Princeton.

We are talking, of course, about the absence of Joe Knight from Lehigh's lineup for the fourth game in a row.

Last week two publications reported Knight is out with an injury. Tom Housenick of the Daily Item, one of two guys who wrote that, says he got that via e-mail from the Lehigh folks, who did not specify what kind of injury, how long he might be out, or offer any other details.

Knight's absence has not been addressed on Lehigh's Web site. He was listed as a reserve on the Princeton game notes. According to a post on the Lehigh message board, Knight was on the Lehigh bench in street clothes for the Princeton game.

Rumors are flying on the message boards, but until we can confirm anything, we won't speculate on why he is not playing. We will just point out that it is mighty strange to remain silent about the absence of your best player.

Meanwhile, sans Knight, Lehigh fell to 1-3 after losing 64-54 at home to Princeton.

Matt Szalachowski, a freshman, started in place of Knight. He and senior Mitch Gilfillan kind of split most of Knight's minutes. Together they were nowhere near Knight's production. Their combined line: 8 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 turnovers in a total of 48 minutes.

Kyle Neptune picked up some of the scoring load, finishing with 22. Jose Olivero was 1-for-7 from the field, scored 10 points (8-for-14 FT) while turning it over 5 times and dishing 3 assists.

The incredible shrinking Jason Mgebroff saw his minutes down to 7 in this one. The only non-zeroes in his line: 0-1 shooting and 1 foul.

If the game were a blog post, at the bottom of the box it would say something like: 926 fans cared enough to bother coming out. When you figure Bethlehem is an easy drive from Princeton, the Eagles suck and the students don't start break until Wednesday, that is pretty sad.

Maybe all the Lehigh fans were still hungover from Saturday.

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