Second opinion on AU

The Washington Post has decidedly low expectations for American this season. From the Post's AU scouting report:
Postseason prospects (from 1 to 4 basketballs): 1.5 basketballs -- The Eagles have finished with a winning record four years in a row for the first time in 30 years. Extending that streak to five would be a significant accomplishment.
The Post also scouted Navy:
Postseason prospects (from 1 to 4 basketballs): One basketball -- With all six freshmen expected to see playing time, any improvement on last season's record would be satisfying.
We're not so sure. The Mids would seem to have every bit as good a chance at the postseason as AU. That might mean AU should only be a 1 ball rating, too, though. If either of these teams are still playing after the first round of the league tournament, it will probably be a surprise.

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