Roll out a barrel of cliches

Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel stopped in Lewisburg on his preseason tour and threw around a few musical cliches:
Bucknell got its shot at greatness, got its shot at historic Kansas, got its shot at One Shining Moment and delivered.

They can't ever take that away from them, because you can certainly argue no one has ever done it better.
Another Bison tidbit from Wetzel :
Speaking of assistant coaches, Bucknell coach Pat Flannery has a high-major staff. There is Nathan Davis, who managed to convince a recruit to come all the way from Encino, Calif., Mark Prosser, son of the incomparable Skip Prosser, who we will see Thursday, and the mackdaddy (to-be) Bryan Goodman.

We aren't kidding about Goodman, either. He and his wife Amy are expecting quadruplets in March. We repeat, quadruplets.

March Madness, indeed.

"My wife calls it the Final Four," Goodman said. "If you think about it, you'll go nuts. I am taking donations. (Tell people to) send money to the Bryan Goodman Foundation."

Meanwhile, Davis' wife, Miki, is expecting their first. "I tell (Bryan) his four are going to be setting screens for my one," said Davis.

Maybe Flannery needs to keep these guys at the office later.
Memo to my wife: Don't drink the water when we visit Lewisburg honey.

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