Look who we found!

From the e-mail in box:
I'm a student at HC, class of '07, and I was working out on Monday at the Hart Center, and who do I see running on the treadmill? Mr. Neil Fingleton. He looked to be in pretty good shape and he's still 7'6. I didn't get a chance to talk to him, unfortunately, so I have no idea what his next move will be, basketball wise.
Well, apparently he was on the treadmill getting ready for this:

According to a story on the Austin Toros picks in last night's NBDL (NBA's development league) Draft:
Neil Fingleton, a 7-5 center from Holy Cross, will control the paint for the Toros this season.

"He's a piece of work, but that late in the draft -- why not?" (Toros coach Dennis) Johnson said. "He can be a pleasant surprise. You can't teach height, and 7-5 is 7-5."
The Toros took Neil in the fifth round of the draft.

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