Make it 2 for BU

Sources tell Hoop Time Bucknell has gained a second oral commit for next year's freshman class. Pat Behan, a forward from Notre Dame Academy in Middleburg, Va., verballed the Bison late last week.

Behan is either 6-7 or 6-8, depending which source you believe. College Hoops Net had this report on him from the summer's Reebok ABCD Camp:
Behan was a mixed bag today. For a big, he definitely is comfortable on the perimeter, and likes to beat guys off the dribble. It was working against big Franklin Jones who isn’t used to guarding way out there. But, even though he beats his man off the dribble, he isn’t able to then get down low with ease and finish. It seems like Behan was lacking confidence in his game in the afternoon, and his teammates also lacked confidence in Behan’s ability. By the end of the first game, he was trying to way to hard to impress and was not letting the game come to him. However, during the evening, he was much more relaxed and showed off his long range. He seems most suited for a Princeton-style offense.
According to, Behan drew interest from a number of schools, including South Carolina, George Washington and LaSalle and was offered scholarships from San Francisco and Saint Bonaventure. How accurate that report is, though, is hard to say, since they din not even list Bucknell as one of the schools recruiting Behan.

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