Give me a break

In Andre Williams' Morning Call story from Media Day, Lehigh's Jose Olivero actually had the cahones to complain about he and teammate Joe Knight not making the preseason all-league team:
"I think it's definitely a little slight, for whatever reasons, but if our team is successful those accolades will come," Olivero said.
. . .

"With the success Holy Cross and Bucknell had from last season it's just expected that they are going to get the players on their teams," Olivero said of the preseason picks. "You take it for what it's worth, and just keep it in the back of your mind."

Here's a newsflash for you Jose: Bucknell and Holy Cross had that success because of guys like Chris McNaughton, Charles Lee, Kevin Hamilton and Keith Simmons, each one of which would get picked before Olivero and Knight if you held a draft of Patriot League players.

Could you make a case for Knight being picked ahead of the fifth member of the preseason team, American's Andre Ingram? Maybe, but certainly not enough of the coaches and SIDs voting in the poll thought so.

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