Go figure

Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and wonder what the hell are these people thinking.

Case in point:
Colgate head basketball coach Emmett Davis has announced the addition of Daniel Waddy, from Tucson, Arizona, to the program.

Waddy, a 6-foot-3 combo guard, is a transfer from St. Mary?s College in California. He will sit out the 2005-06 season due to the NCAA transfer rule, and will have two years of eligibility remaining.

. . .

Waddy played in 22 games his freshman year and 16 games for the Gaels this past season. He averaged 6.1 minutes per game and scored 15 points in 2004-05. St. Mary's received an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament last season, while finishing 25-9 and had a RPI rating of 30 among all Division I programs.
Guess you just have to give Davis credit for being an incredibly talented recruiter. How else do you explain a kid from Arizona leaving California (O.K., St. Mary's is in the Bay Area, not the sub-tropics of LAO, but still . . . ) for Hamilton?

Of course Colgate's roster last year included three Californians, a Floridian and another kid from Arizona. Just imagine what kind of recruits Davis might get if he were not trying to lure kids to a remote outpost on the tundra.

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