Better late than never

No idea how we missed this Dave Jones column when it was originally printed almost a month ago. I mean, hell, my day job is for the news side of the same paper.

But as the headline says, better late than never.

Jones caught up with Pat Flannery shortly after the ESPYs and talked with the Bucknell coach about his summer efforts to teach his kids and their friends the old school art of pick-up games.

An interesting note:
Flannery was inspired by the rough draft of a book being written by his old friend, Pottsville Nativity High School coach Dave Holland. In it, Holland tells stories about the essence of the game -- pickup basketball.
What Jones didn't mention -- and why would he, writing for a Central Pa. audience -- is that Dave Holland played his college ball at Holy Cross, winning three letters (1973, 74, 75).

Readers who have been with us since the very beginning might also recall that Holland is one of Randolph Macon coach Mike Rhoades' uncles.

Of course the post just below this one talked more about Rhoades and the Bucknell-Randolph Macon connection.

It really is a small world, eh?

Also of note in the Jones column are Flannery's memories of Muhammad Ali and his old training camp in Deer Lake, Pa.

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