Where have you gone Neil Fingleton?

To New Orleans apparently. At least that is where the 7-6 Brit was before the NBA draft.

According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, Fingleton worked out for the Hornets in hopes of rekindling his hoops career.
"He's big, isn't he?" (Hornets coach Byron) Scott said of Fingleton. "He's very intriguing. If you can get a guy with that type of size that has some type of ability, it's always intriguing. He can shoot pretty well from 15 feet on in. Obviously he has to get in much better condition, but he's someone you have to look at."
It would be easy to write Fingleton off. He has barely played any ball the past three or four seasons and was hardly impressive in his cameos with Holy Cross two seasons back.

Then again, he is 7-6, and as coaches always say, you can't teach a kid to be tall.

It would hardly be a surprise if Fingleton ends up in the NBA's developmental league, or gets a look with an NBA summer league team.

Actually ending up in the NBA is another question. But when you are 7-6, there will probably be someone willing to at least give you a chance to prove folks wrong.

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