The enemy of my enemy is my friend

From Sunday's Columbia Missourian, another story about how Missou fans have taken a shine to Bucknell after the win over Kansas:

Better than a postcard, the final score is on the back of this special BU orange and blue design

Keeping the Bucknell University bookstore busy, Missouri and Kansas State fans have been placing nearly 250 apparel orders daily to show their appreciation of Bucknell’s surprising victory. Hope Greiner, a 25-year employee of the Bucknell bookstore, said she had never filled so many orders for shirts.

Nearly 1000 miles away, Bison fans had little previous knowledge of the intense rivalry that exists between Missouri and Kansas. It wasn’t until bookstore employees began reading the comments included with the orders that they fully understood why their shirt sales were increasing phenomenally.

One commentary read, “Thanks for beating the lowly Jayhawks, everyone in Columbia, Mo., loves you, Go Bison!”

Another customer even paid the bookstore to anonymously send a Bucknell postcard, taunting an unlucky Kansas fan with just the numbers 64-63.
Have a Missou fan friend? Why not do your Christmas shopping early.

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