Where have you gone (AD edition)

Former Bucknell AD Rick Hartzell has been one of the top hoops officials in the NCAA for years. A longtime ACC whistleblower, Hartzell shifted his schedule to the midwest when he took the AD job at his alma mater, Northern Iowa.

Hartzell has been both an AD of a D-I program and an official for many years. But with Northern Iowa's emergence this season, some people all of a sudden seem to have a problem.

In his Doyel's Dribbles column, CBS Sportsline's Greg Doyel say's:
(Hartzell's) dual role -- AD of a bubble school, game official of games involving other bubble teams -- has drawn national scrutiny and even national criticism.
Doyel concludes what we have known for years: Hartzell is a good official who would never risk his rep as a ref.

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