Then there were three

Peter M. is on the verge of going wire to wire in the Hoop Time No Sponsor Bracket Challenge. With a 17 point lead and 2 of 4 alive in the Final Four, the computer wizards that do the computations say he has a 75 percent chance of winning.

Two others are still statistically alive. Andrew L., currently second, is in good shape if Illinois loses in the semis and North Carolina wins it all, instead of Peter's choice: Illinois. Should UNC beat Illinois in the final, though, Patrick O., who currently is languishing in sixth place, 31 points back, could rally to win it all.

There is still a real battle for last place and the Kansas Postseason Media Guide that goes to the bracketeer with the lowest points. Harry C. is one of only two completely dead brackets with just 71 points. Greg K.'s bracket is also dead, but with 87 points, assuring he will finish ahead of Harry.

But there are others with teams still alive that could sink like a rock if Illinois and/or North Carolina lose in the semis.

For complete standings, just click here.

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