Smart ass college kid

The University of Rhode Island's college paper is known as "The Good Five-Cent Cigar." That probably tells you all you need to know already.

In its most recent issue, one of its sports columnistshad this Bucknell mention:
Look no further than Bucknell who layed the smack down on the tourney-choking Kansas Jay Hawks (and wasn't Bucknell just an intramural team last year),
Well, son, actually, no. Last year Bucknell was good enough to beat Holy Cross two out of three, a feat they repeated this year to get to the NCAA Tournament while folks in Rhode Island were busy getting ready for the opening day of the Pawtucket Red Sox.

You do remember Holy Cross, don't you?

Not trying to rub in one of your 22 losses or anything. Just making a point that folks whose teams are 6-22 and lose to a .500 Richmond team in the play-in round of the A-10 Tournament should be careful about all those windows when they pick up a stone.

Ditto for people who don't know how to spell "laid" (damn tempting to take this one a little further, but we do get some lady visitors).

And come to think of it, wonder if our buddy Jack McCaffery remembers Rhode Island?

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