Polls and finger pulls

(Note: The league announces its regular season awards during a conference call today from 11 to 1. We will update as soon as possible.

In the latest Mid-Major Top 25, Holy Cross up two spots to 16. Bucknell gets 1 point in the "others receiving" category.

Two votes for the Crusaders this week in the AP Poll, just one point behind fading media darling Vermont.

Over on the Holy Cross board, some folks got mighty excited when a site called Warren Nolan.com projected the Crusaders as a No. 9 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

A word of caution, a bracketology story in the Reno paper quotes Warren, and refers to him like this:
Warren Nolan of Oklahoma City, whose day job is as a software engineer working on the B-2 bomber
The Reno paper did not say if Warren would share what he was smoking.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN.com's resident bracketeer, still has HC as a 13.

Chris and Craig of the Bracketology blog calls HC a 10 seed. Hmm ... these guys been hanging with Warren?

Meanwhile, Bracketography.com sides with Lunardi, calling the 'Saders a 13 seed.

If you are looking for one thing they all have in common, it might be that they all claim to be the most accurate predictors of the field of 64 alive.

You might notice we didn't do anything with this week's official league release (pdf). There were no notes of any great interest worth sharing and no real news, other than the Player of the Week and Rookie of the Week.

Jason Thomas gets the POW nod, and deservedly so. He played well in two key wins for AU. Ditto for Bucknell's John Griffin, who earned rookie honors.

Hopefully winning the POW will in some small way make up for JT's disappointment at being left off our All Hoop Time roster.

Speaking of which, Matt handed out a round of his Bloggies yesterday over at the newly christened patriotleaguehoops.com. Matt's first round were for team MVPs. He promises all-rookie and all-league lists soon to follow.

Screaming Eagle also posted his all-league teams on his blog with the silly-ass name.

Both of their lists are pretty reasonable. I might not agree with all their picks, but I can understand how someone might see it that way and could make an argument for their selections if I were asked to serve as their defense counsel.

Check their lists and discuss them all on Matt's new board, which is a nice upgrade from the old one.

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