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For bracketeers, today is sort of like April 14 is to accountants. Those folks who pretend to know what the guys in the room are thinking have been busy revising their forecasts. They don't really have any clue where Bucknell will go or who they will play. Their seeding predictions are probably in the ballpark, but that is more number manipulation than knowledge of the game.

Regardless, accurate or not, everybody wants to know what the "experts" are thinking. Here is a quick bracketeer summary as of around 4 p.m. Saturday.

Joe Lunardi, over at's Bracketology site says Bucknell will be a 14 seed in Worcester, facing a No. 3 Boston College. That one is interesting.

The boys at are saying BU in Okie City as a 12 against Utah.

One thing interesting about the seeding predictions at Bracketology 101 made a lot of sense. Bucknell and Niagara are both projected as 14 seeds. I don't know what the proper number might be, but those two were very even when Charles Lee's bucket with 0.9 left gave the Bison a 76-74 win in December in Lewisburg.

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