Morning chuckle

From the Boston Herald's Holy Cross preview:
Senior center Nate Lufkin hit the weight room over the summer and emerged as one of the league's best rebounders and shot-blockers.
Shot-blocker? Absolutely. But "one of the league's best rebounders?" Lufkin ranks 16th in the league. Other than Chris McNaughton of Bucknell, who is about the same size as Lufkin (and ranks 13th), there's nobody ahead of him on the list that is within three inches of Lufkin's 6-11 height.

Nate is a good kid and one of the best quotes on the Holy Cross team. But he is as skinny as those Sammy Ninja stick figures on his Web site. He might have done some lifting, but there is certainly nothing about his physique that would make Ralph Willard wonder if his name is in Jose Canseco's book.

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