Mop up time

Here are a few interesting clicks from this morning's quick jaunt around the Web:

Tom Housenick of the Daily Item checks in this morning with two pieces on Bucknell. In his college basketball column, Housenick says:
Bucknell's Cinderella story, one that captured the hearts and minds of a basketball-crazy country, had ended just 24 hours earlier when Wisconsin pulled away in the game's closing minutes.
Housenick also has a story about Bucknell's Chris McNaughton.

Someone named Emma Post covered the Bucknell parade and celebration last night for the Daily Item. According to Post:
The pavilion, which seats about 3,500 people, was nearly packed full of zealous students, members of the Lewisburg community and children decked out in their Bison gear.
Actually, not to nitpick, but Sojka holds 4,000 and wasn't more than half full. Other than that and one or two other little details, she got it mostly right.

From Bob Linneman's column in the Santa Cruz Sentinel:
Who's going to take Bucknell over Kansas? Seriously, you'd have to be out of your mind to take Bucknell. The only reason I know Bucknell even exists is because I passed the school's highway exit when I was in western Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series in 2002.
Actually Bob, Williamsport, which is north of Lewisburg, is in the eastern half of the state, though locals tend to refer to it as Central Pa.

Columnist Jim Mashek writes in the Biloxi Sun Herald that Bucknell's win over Kansas was the best moment of the opening weekend of the tournament. Why? According to Mashek, it is because:
Bucknell beat Kansas 64-63, and proved to be a worthy opponent for Wisconsin before losing to the Badgers 71-62. Vermont's a good story, too, but the Catamounts have a future NBA player in Taylor Coppenrath. Bucknell possesses guile and guts, and that's about it.
Just wondering, were folks talking about Coppenrath as a sophomore the way they have been talking about Chris McNaughton?

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