Million Dollar baby (a paid plug)

Through he course of the season, we've received occasional e-mails asking us to plug this contest or that site. Since none of the previous ones offered to send us a check, we have always declined. This one is different, though. This one came with a chance to reach into the pockets of someone who has been reaching into our's all season (and even longer), Cingular Wireless. Not only have they promised to pay for this plug, it is actually something that looks worth a mention anyhow. It's the Cingular Wireless 'Shot at a Million' sweepstakes . Here is how it works:
Text the word "PLAY" to 26222 on your wireless phone. Then answer 20 trivia questions for 21 chances to win. That's right, 21 for answering 20. You don't have to get any right, you are entered just for trying. But you get a bonus entry for each correct answer. One lucky
winner will win a trip to the Men's NCAA Final Four in St. Louis to take a winning half-court shot worth a million dollars!
You can enter each week until March 20. All the official rules are on the contest Web site.

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