Limited morning update today

It's travel day today, with the Hoop Time staff off to Oklahoma City (by way of Dallas and a rented car) for Friday's Bucknell-Kansas matchup. Between an early flight out of D.C., and an even earlier than expected departure time from home made neccessary by botched Travelocity resverations that have us flying out of Dulles but returning to National, there will be no time for a full morning update.

We do plan on posting some original content later in the day, including reports on both Bucknell and Kansas's shootarounds, which are open to the public.

Of course Friday we will have a full update, though it might be a little later in the morning than usual due to the time difference. We will also have a full report as soon after the game as possible.

Looking for a reason to take Bucknell and the points? Consider this: AFter an update on Saturday, I will drive to Dallas to catch a g a.m. return flight, which will get me in, assuming we are on time, with about two hours to get from the airport across the Potomac to College Park, where we will cover Holy Cross against Ohio State in the first round of the women's tournament.

Since we must leave OKC Saturday, and cannot stay for Sunday's games, we figure Bucknell's chances are pretty good. It is sort of a reverse jinx effect.

Of course if it works and the league finally gets that badly needed first NCAA win, it will have been worth the sacrifice.

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