How bout some cheese with that

Poor Ben Smith. The entire state of Indiana is hurting today after the state's schools were all shut out of the dance. In his column in the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Ben takes out his frustration by bashing Bucknell and taking a rip at former BU AD Rick Hartzell.

Gems from the column include:
How can we show our faces again, we Hoosiers of "Hoosiers," now that Bucknell's in and we're not?

. . .

First, (Indiana coach Mike) Davis has to watch Iowa coach Steve Alford arrive in Indianapolis like a conquering hero for the sub-regional; then he gets to watch Northern Iowa play Wisconsin – the very team his Hoosiers played on a night when one of the floor officials was Rick Hartzell, Northern Iowa’s athletic director.

The Big Ten verbally riddled Doug Gottlieb of ESPN for pointing out the impropriety of a school official from one bubble team officiating the game of another, but Gottlieb was absolutely right. It was improper – and it looks even more so now.
Sour grapes make boring whine.

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