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A good rant today by the Basketball Junkie about the mainstream media's attempts to justify leaving mid majors off the dance card despite strong RPIs:
The most galling aspect of the MSM bubble talk is that I've not seen a single one of these hacks or talking heads back their spurious claims about "RPI ridiculousness" spurred "by the off-season change to give more weight to road games" with actual evidence that a teams like Vermont isn't actually better than Boston College, who beat Boston University, Holy Cross, Kent State, and Yale by a combined total of 11 points. After all, the Catamounts beat Holy Cross 64-59 in Worcester while the Eagles, who had the advantage of playing the Crusaders at home, barely escaped with a 63-60 win. So, who really is the better team?
He also says if Holy Cross, and a few other mid majors don't make the Sweet 16, he will buy you a beer.

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