Fingleton sighting

From the e-mail inbox, an urgent bulletin. (So urgent it only took two days to get here):

Sons of Spitler on the HC message board here.While you were getting your fill of the Bison eating MattB's heart out last Sunday, I was sweating one out in Worcester with Crusader Nation. After we officially dodged the bullet, a bunch of my college buddies who had made the trip from NYC to Worcester went out to eat at a great little hangout called Brew City on Shrewsbury St. About halfway through our meal, one of my buddies' faces almost goes white. I see the look on his face and turn around. Guess who? NEIL FINGLETON. I nearly choked on my chicken wing.

MAN, do I wish I had one of those T-shirts on Sunday... Thought you'd enjoy the anecdote. Hope to see you Friday at the Patriot League Game of the Millenium!
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