Don't tease Nagy

I won't bust on Chris Nagy for missing Bucknell's win over Kansas. Yeah, it would be easy to do. Especially since he didn't even see it on television.

The Shamokin News-Item sports editor told me Monday night at the Bucknell celebration that he didn't even know they'd won until Sunday. Nagy and his wife were on a weekend getaway to Cape May. Stayed in a little B&B with no TV.

On purpose.

Smart man Nagy. At the end of the high school wrestling and basketball championships, a guy at a small paper like Nagy's is dog tired. A little R&R with the sig other is smart around then, too. Nagy probably has not been home a whole lot the last few months.

Spring is a slow season for the smalltown sports editors of the world. Preseason for spring sports doesn't require the preparations football season does, with the preseason special preview sections. Spring sports are lowkey, afternoon events. Spring is when you get reacquainted with the family.

So as easy as it would be to bust on Chris for completely missing the game, we will cut him some slack.

A wide berth, as they say.

We won't even tease him about this one from his look back at Bucknell's weekend:
"So why did you guys trade Steve Kline?" Flannery asked the writer about the Winfield native who was traded by the St. Louis Cardinals this offseason."
Of course Kline was not traded. He signed with the Orioles as a free agent.

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