Debunking myths

From the Birmingham (Alabama) News:
Bucknell has only awarded scholarships since the Patriot League ended its ban on athletic grants two years ago.
Actually, the league dropped its ban before that. Bucknell was just slow to adapt to the change (though not as slow as Lafayette).

From an AP story:
Wearing a shade of orange similar to Bucknell's, Oklahoma State supporters kept alive cross-arena chants of "Go Bison'' and held up "Believe Bucknell'' cards that some Bison alums had printed Saturday. Some even learned to do a hands-to-head gesture mimicking a charging bison.
Uhh, I have to tell you, they probably learned that one from their Big 12 brethern the Colorado Buffalos. In 14 years watching Bucknell games, I have yet to see a fan in Lewisburg make any Bison horns gesture.

From that same story:
Bucknell's underdog tale was emphasized by the plight of its band, or lack of one. Because of spring break, the Bisons were without their usual crew
Spring break? Give me a break. Bucknell didn't bring a band because it really didn't have one. At least not one that deserved the reward of a trip to the tournament. Athletic department officials have tried all season to get the school's musicians to show up for games, even offering bribes of free pizza. At best they get about a half dozen kids, usually consisting of two clarinets, two flutes a sax a drummer and maybe one other piece of brass. They don't have a pep band, they have a jazz quartet.

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