Bucknell shootaround report

Sequestered in the media room after AU kicked me out of its shootaround, I had lost track of the time waiting for Bucknell to take the floor.

Lacking an alarm clock, I was alerted instead by a different audio indicator, the squeak of basketball shoes on the hardwood. It was audible even behind the closed door of the media room, an early indicator of the difference in tempo and tone of Bucknell’s workout.

The Bison used their full two-hours of court time, and while they didn’t scrimmage or go hard the whole two hours, they had their moments. Working on their defense against AU sets and vice versa, after a couple half-speed walkthroughs, each time they went at an almost live pace two or three times before moving on to the next set.

It was a spirited workout, with far more bounce and energy than what I was allowed to watch of AU.

Any question of which team has the better legs was pretty obvious by the look of the players. While AU looked lethargic and tired, Bucknell looked energetic and ready to go. Another night of sleep will help AU. Jones kept things low key on purpose to gain more rest.

But you have to wonder if you can play catch up on that sort of thing at this point in the season.

Bucknell even ended its practice with some live loose ball drills, with players hitting the floor in pursuit of the rock.

I once had the pleasure of going through a similar drill with Coach Knight. It was before anybody other than hardcore hoops folks knew who the General was. I was in junior high. All I knew is some guy who was coach at Army was the guest instructor that day at camp and he was crazy enough to expect us to dive across the asphalt outdoor court if that was what it took to beat the other guy to the ball rolled across the floor.

Something tells me if Knight were in Sojka watching the way Bucknell players went after the ball, here at the end of the season, the afternoon after a game with a big one on tap tomorrow, he would smile and say they look ready to go.

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