Bettencourt no Baryshnikov

In a piece in his hometown paper, the Salem News, Bucknell's Kevin Bettencourt says he is not much of a dancer, but he is wiling to try. Said the Bucknell standout:
"I don't think I have too much rhythm, but I'd like to find out."
Some would argue that after scoring only 10 points in Bucknell's first two tournament games, Bettencourt will need to find his rhythm for Bucknell to get past Holy Cross.

But Bettencourt does not sound worried about his scoring:
"I got in foul trouble in the Lafayette game and didn't play a lot of minutes (just 23 in all). We had such a big lead in the second half that I didn't play too much. I started off 1-for-6 from the floor and then hit 2-of-3. I missed some shots, so I tried to do other things to help the team.

"In the game against American, they face-guarded me the whole time. I took only four shots (0-for-4), and two of them came with the shot clock winding down. It was one of those games where I wasn't getting open, so I wasn't about to force anything. The guys who were guarding me didn't provide any help defense, so that worked in our favor (for Bucknell's inside game)."
The story also points out that Bettencourt was the guy assigned to AU's all-league guard Andre Ingram most of the second game, when the league's top scorer was held to a 2-for-12, 5-point afternoon.

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