Beantown boy makes good

These are slow days for sports at the Boston Globe. There hasn't been a New England college hoops team to write about since they ignored Holy Cross in the NIT. North Dakota put an end to college hockey season in Boston. The Red Sox are not in town yet, the Celtics are, but won't be for long and the Bruins, well, we all know that story.

That is not all bad, though. The slow time gave the Globe a chance to do a story about Kevin Bettencourt's first visit home after the NCAA Tournament.:
The junior guard and his teammates rode behind police escorts, stayed in a posh Oklahoma City hotel, and signed autographs for adoring fans. The fairy tale Bison season ended less than 48 hours after that monumental victory, but the celebrity treatment endured. Fellow students greeted Bettencourt with an ovation as he walked into class last Monday and the Bison later boarded fire trucks for a parade through the town of Lewisburg, Pa.
Actually, the hotel was not "posh" (there is not a whole lot of "posh" in the whole state of Oklahoma from what we saw). It was a Holiday Inn out, as Pat Flannery put it, "where they put 14 seeds."

But the rest of the story is pretty well done.

Charles Lee's hometown paper in Gaithersburg, Md.gave Lee similar treatment.

Fluff pieces? sure, but certainly worth a read by any Patriot League hoops junkies, especially given how few and far between our fixes are this time of the year.

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