All in the numbers

Just in case you forgot about the Patriot League's dismal record in the tournament, some columnists out there are eager to remind you.

From a notes column in the San Diego Union Tribune:
Big number: 0-13
The NCAA first-round record of Patriot League champions. This year's champion is Bucknell, which plays Kansas on Friday.
Then there's an A-Z look at the tournament by John Linsay of Scripps Howard that points out:
P is for Patriot League champion Bucknell. The Bison carry the upset hopes of all Patriot fans considering the league's winner is 0-13 in first-round games. Make that 0-14 after third-seeded Kansas drubs No. 14 Bucknell on Friday.
One of these years these guys are going to need to find something new to write about. Maybe they could mention the Knight Commission report, or this study of the teams in the NCAA Tournament, which found:
The men's teams participating in the tournament with the highest graduation rates are Bucknell University (100 percent), Utah State University (100 percent), and Stanford University (92 percent).
Eight women's teams participating in the tournament graduated 90 percent or more of their players. College of the Holy Cross, University of Montana, and Vanderbilt University achieved 100 percent graduation rates.
Sure it would be nice to win a game in the tournament, but as easy as it is to be critical of the Patriot League about some things, it is important to remember now and then that the league does a pretty good job with the truly important stuff.

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