Accolades for McNaughton

One thing is for certain after Bucknell's two-game tournament run: Folks are noticing Bucknell's Chris McNaughton. Here's what Tom Kensler had to say in the Denver Post:
McNaughton, a sophomore fast becoming one of the nation's best centers, was Bucknell's only scorer to reach double figures. He hit 10-of-14 from the floor.
Inded, not since Adonal Foyle has the Patriot League had a player as capable of dominating in the post.

It is too soon to tell if McNaughton can follow Foyle's path to the NBA. He will certainly need to become much stronger to even have a shot. But guaranteed, that young man will make a lot of money playing hoops before he settles into his electrical engineering career. With German citizenship, he is assured of at least a long career in his native land and teh German pro leagues pay pretty well.

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