You're in the Army now

In a nice piece in his hometown paper, the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, Army plebe Grant Carter explains one of the challenge the Cadets face in their first season:
"The biggest adjustment has been the physicalness of the game," said Carter, who lost 21 pounds from his 210-pound frame during basic training. "I've been getting thrown around playing the (strong forward) position. I didn't even play that position in high school. Now, I'm playing against guys who are 6-8 and 6-9."
Forget the part about a 6-3 kid playing the four. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt since Hassan Booker proved years ago it can be done if the player has the right mentality.

We also figure that Jim Crews will move him when some reinforcements with some bigger frames arrive from USMAPS next season.

The bigger challenge is getting players built back up to strength after the grind of Beast Barracks.

Feinstein wrote about that in "A Civil War" from a football perspective. It happens to basketball players, too.

The fact that Carter skipped his expected year at USMAPS and is seeing significant minutes for Army also tells us that this might not be the roster Crews was hoping to play with this season. Maybe he was brought in early after the Cadets lost 6-8 recruit Landon Adler, who, as we mentioned before, for some reason never made the roster.

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