Where are they now (Lafayette edition)

Longtime fans of the Patriot League might remember Pat Brogan as the guy who spent eight years sitting beside Fran O'Hanlon on the Lafayette bench before leaving Easton to become an assistant as Penn State in 2002.

In 2001, while training for a triathlon, Brogan had a bicycle accident that has changed his life dramatically. Now he is coaching high school hoops in Tamaqua, Pa.

According to a Philadelphia Inquirer story:
Brogan, a 37-year-old former assistant at Lafayette and Penn State, and a volunteer assistant last season at Georgia Tech, has always been one of the most approachable guys in the college game, a coach who treats the game with reverence. He has seen his world both expand and contract because of the pain he can't ignore. Even his wife and parents thought he was crazy to take a coaching job at a small high school not far from his upstate hometown. But he knew what the game could offer.
What it offers Brogan is a form of motivational therapy as he struggles to recover from the after effects of that accident.

This is a highly recommended read that gives a new definition to the term "gamer."

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