We beg to differ

Hardcore college hoops fans will recognize that headline as having been borrowed from Duke's Cameron Crazies, who took to chanting that after a bad call by the officials when they had been chastised by school administration types for using simpler, more effective language, like "Bullshit."

We want to be polite about Bill Doyle's puff piece on College Sports TV in the Worcester Telegram&Gazette because, after all, the T&G does sort of help underwrite this blog in a backhanded way by paying me to cover some games for them.

But the pay is not good enough for us to check our brutal honesty at the door.

We can sum up our thoughts on CSTV by pointing to one quote by a CSTV official in the column:
"ESPN does professional sports extremely well," Bedol said, "but they're the general store. We're as different from ESPN as Starbucks is from Dunkin' Donuts. The only thing they have in common is they both serve coffee. We're very proud to be exclusively and solely in college sports."
Actually, it's more like the difference between Starbucks coffee and the stuff that has set in the pot all day at the local convenience store. No, ESPN does not show wrestling or D3 football. But ESPN does a damned fine job on D-I college hoops and football. There is really no comparison between being on Big Monday and having to move an American at Bucknell game to 5 p.m. so that somebody with a satellite dish and a subscription can see it. It might show in Worcester and Bethlehem, as Doyle claims, but it doesn't show most places. And that 10 million households figure is bullshit, too. It might well be that CSTV is available on cable systems and satellite networks that reach that many households. But that doesn't mean 10 million people are actually subscribing to it.

Look, there is nothing wrong with CSTV. But don't insult the fans intelligence by trying to pass the Patriot League's deal with CSTV as a "national television" package.

It is no ESPN. Not even close.

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