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Isn't it about time clueless columnists find another league to pick on?

Here's what a guy named Joe Starkeywrote in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in an apparent effort to prove their sports columnists are as ill informed as the guys who write their editorial page. Talking about the mess that is the Duquesne program these days, Starkey said:
So, maybe it's time to scale down the basketball program. Maybe it's time for the Dukes to drop to another conference, such as the Patriot League.

You just wonder if the Patriot League would have them.
And maybe it is time for Joe to go to work for the Punxsutawney Spirit, if they would have him.

Apparently Joe is unaware of the fact that the Patriot League went 4-2 against the A-10 this season, including a win by the Patriot's No. 2 team, Bucknell, over the team everybody seems to think has been best in conference play in the A-10, St. Joe's. In the Hawks' own nest, we might add. Holy Cross also has two wins over A-10 teams, Fordham and Rhode Island and Lafayette beat Duquesne (the PL losses were Lehigh, by 6 at Xavier and AU's egg-laying demonstration against LaSalle).

Not that Duqesne would necessarily be a bad fit since they play non-scholarship football and would give the league a media presence in a nice sized market with two papers, one of which even knows what it is talking about.

Maybe we should swap them Army, which could probably get a few more wins in a weaker league.

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