The search continues

Where have you gone Neil Fingleton? That has been a question all season here at Hoop Time. You would think it would be pretty difficult for a dude 7-feet, 6-inches tall to disappear. But after an early season sighting on the roster of a minor league team called the Boston Frenzy, the one-time Holy Cross (and North Carolina) giant has seemingly vanished.

We've searched on Google. We've searched on Yahoo. All we come up with are old articles, mostly from his days as a prep star and coveted recruit, or his decision to transfer from North Carolina to HC.

Our most recent search was not entirely in vain, though. We did find two interesting tidbits, not about Fingleton, but about the Boston Frenzy. One even has a Patriot League connection. While you will not find Neil on the Frenzy's roster, you will find a surname familiar to Patriot League fans.

Playing forward for the Frenzy is a dude from Canouan, St. Vincent and the Grenadines by the name of Foyle. No, Colgate alum Adonal has not been cut by Golden State. This is a cousin by the name of Alexus Foyle.

Also of interest, we see that Frenzy coach Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, the 50-year-old father of Kobe, a former NBA baller himself, has taken to suiting up for the Frenzy. He even scored over 20 points in a couple of games.

Must be some league, eh?

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