Mid-Major Top 25

In the latest Mid-Major Top 25, Holy Cross is up to No. 20 while Bucknell has slipped to just three votes.

Two observations: 1) Based on the voting patterns we have seen the last few weeks, it would seem even though the poll is released on a Monday, most ballots must be filled out before Sunday's games. That would explain why Bucknell did not drop out of the Top 25 when it lost at American and Navy the other week and why they have lost votes in this week's poll after avenging those losses over the weekend. 2) We are baffled at how Boston University can be ranked ahead of Holy Cross when the Crusaders beat them on their own floor. It seems like the coaches voting in this poll are having a harder time getting used to the Patriot League's improvement than the media who keep talking about the possibility of two bids.

Of course reality is probably somewhere in between.

We also have to wonder how Penn cam rise into the Top 25 on the basis of winning games in the Ivy League if it did not deserve that consideration after its non-conference schedule. Not saying they don't deserve it; just wondering why the voters waited until now to decide they do.

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