Holy Cross at-large talk won't stop

Is fellow blogger Ben Miraski another Patriot League two-bid conspiracy theorist? In his Monday post about bubble teams on Sitting Courtside, Miraski talks about Boston University's chances of making the dance and points out:
Their losses have come against some good teams, including a strong Holy Cross team which is looking to make history and warrant consideration for a Patriot league team to win an at-large bid if an upset occurs.
Coming soon to the Hoop Time store: Tin foil hats.

Seriously, we got shouted down a few weeks ago when we suggested Bucknell might make the Patriot a two-bid conference if it ran the table until the conference final, then lost to Holy Cross. The Bison's skid ended that speculation, but now it seems as if the Crusaders are generating the same sort of buzz.

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