Getting uppity

For those who might have missed it, Matt B. has abandoned his old Blogger url for posh new digs at As my mother might say, "Hey Mr. Fancy Schmancy. If Yoni jumped off a bridge would you do it too?"

Hard to tell what Matt has in mind for the new digs. He was complaining about bandwidth problems with images the other day. Who knows, maybe the move will facilitate his posting of the Girls of the Patriot League Dance Teams calendar collection.

Maybe he just got sucked into buying the url by those commercials.

Actually, we have thought of making a similar move, if for no other reason than to rid ourselves of the "3" in our url and to make it easier to find the site. But the wife says I have already spent more than the site brings in on gas and beer so it seems like a good idea to wait at least until next season to spring a monthly hosting expense on her.

While we're mentioning other bloggers, a big Hoop Time shout out to the dude folks on the Patriot League Hoops Board know as "Screaming Eagle." Until now, he has kept his blog on the down low. But he posted a link on the board the other day, and we added it to our links on the right side. It has some weird name that we can't pronounce, so we'll just refer to it as Screaming Eagle's blog. Yes, it is a rabidly partisan AU fan site. Even worse than Matt, he says. Check it out anyhow.

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