Dare to dream big Carolyn

The head of the Patriot League is quoted in a USA Today story about leagues that might get two bids if the regular season champs are upset in their tournaments:
"Having two teams in postseason play is advantageous in that more student-athletes would have the championship experience, but our aspiration has always been for our champion to earn the highest possible seed," says Carolyn Femovich, executive director of the Patriot League. "We want to win a first-round game."
Does that mean she is rooting for Holy Cross in the tournament?

Why can't the league aspire to more than one team getting a 12 or 13 seed? Why can't the league, keeping in mind its original lofty goals of being a shining beacon for the notion that real students can also be great athletes, aspire to becoming a perennial multi-bid conference? Why not a league with more than one, or even two, deserving teams, made up of guys who excel on the court and in the classroom?

Football coaches always say if your goal is just to make it to the Superbowl, you will lose there to a team whose goal is to WIN the Superbowl.

C'mon Carolyn, dream big. ESPN in the regular season, instead of the tin-foil pie pan network. A real neutral site tournament (in a place that makes sense), instead of peas in pods. A prime time conference final, instead of happy hour background noise.

Holy Cross and Bucknell have shown this season that it is possible. And it is not that far away. But you're never going to get into the Top 25 if your goal is to be "also receiving votes."

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