Who is this clown?

O.K., I confess: I never watch Cold Pizza. My morning habits, until the rat bastards at the local Citadel Broadcasting station forced a change, involved listening to Howard Stern as I surfed and blogged for each morning's updates here.

I have no idea who this dude is, or his credentials as anything other than a pretty boy (I'll check ESPN's site later). But at the end of his interview with Bucknell's assistant coach Nathan Davis and player Kevin Bettencourt, he comes out with this:
A lot of speculation in the media ... about this illness being very serious. Can you speculate, or not speculate, the media is already doing that, can you tell us, is there any information that it is serious?
What speculation? I monitor every source of Patriot League information available. I have seen no speculation. The closest to it was Dave Jones' comment after the Lafayette game:
What is apparent is this: Flannery, known for his 24-hour intensity, is not a healthy man.
Fact is, the much-maligned "media" has been very respectful of Flannery's privacy. Maybe that is the difference between the pressures of covering the Patriot League and the pressures of covering the majors. Or maybe it is just a sign of the class of guys like Tom Housenick of the Daily Item, who cover the Bucknell beat.

I do not know the exact nature of Flannery's ailment. I am not going to speculate. I will not downplay it by saying it is not serious, since if it is keeping him off the sidelines for games, it is serious.

Sources at Bucknell say Flannery's ailment does not appear to be life-threatening and it is not thought to be cardiac-related. Flannery is expected to return to the sidelines during games as soon as he is cleared by his family doctor. He has not been hospitalized, and he is able to attend Bucknell's practices.

Could I find out more? Probably. I started my journalism career covering Bucknell and have a lot of sources around Davis Gym. I chose not to out of respect for Flannery's privacy. In fact, I would not have released what is in the paragraph above had it not been for the Cold Pizza segment, which I suspect did more to create speculation than any of the hypothetical, non-existent media speculation that clown asked about.

Bucknell officials have chosen not to address every rumor they are asked about because each time you do that it just spawns more rumors. That is exactly what the Cold Pizza dude did this morning.

Shame on him. Like Joe Buck, he is no journalist.

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