Where are they now (Fordham edition)

It's been so long since Fordham won a game that meant something in Rose Hill Gym, their coach had to lead the students celebration after the Rams knocked off Temple last night.

According to the New York Daily News:
The Rams are no longer a certain win for conference foes, and they have shed the image of Atlantic 10 doormat, a reputation they have owned since they left the Patriot League for the A-10 back in 1994.
We covered Fordham's post-Patriot struggles at length back in December when we previewed Holy Cross' 53-39 win over the Rams.

We won't rehash that here. But in the wake of last night's result, can anyone argue our two-bid scenario for the Patriot League doesn't make more sense than two bids for the pathetic A-10?

Not saying it is realistic; just that it makes sense. Right now, Holy Cross and Bucknell are more deserving of NCAA bids than George Washington and take-your-pick from the A-10.

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