Upon further review

In a post yesterday we said that Lehigh's Joe Kight is the closest player in the league to joining the 1,000-points club.

We found that nugget of information in the league's official weekly report.

This is going to shock you: the league report is wrong.

Credit a faithful reader with an assist for noting in an e-mail:
Hey Chris, I saw from yours and the Patriot League's
sites that say Joe Knight (Lehigh) is the only player
in the league closest to 1,000 points.

In the famous words of Lee Corso, "Not so fast my

Bettencourt had 930 career points going into the Holy
Cross Game (177 this year)...add in his 17 and that
gives him 957 career and 194 this year (confirmed
looking at the statistics from BU's offical site)

If my math serves me correctly he only needs 43 points
to eclipse the 1,000 point plateau...less than the 82
Knight needs.

I know..I'm nit-picking a bit...trying to give the man
his due "respect".

Of course right about now, Bucknell math profs are reading that and praying the guy is a fan, not an alum. 930+17=947, not 957. (make that an assist and a turnover)

Nonetheless, it still puts Bettencourt 29 points ahead of Knight.

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