One bad point guard

We mean that the way the kids use the word ... you know, as in "bad means good dad."

Abe Badmus (hey, maybe we should work harder for a pun here), Bucknell's lightning bug point guard and layup swatter (we still get a kick out of that unlikely game-saver), has been named to Kyle's pre-conference play All-Mid Major team over at

We knew Kyle knew a little about hoops when he wrote a glowing report on Badmus after Bucknell's loss at Penn (sorry, too lazy to dig out the link). Abe is not a big scorer, he is averaging less than 5 ppg, but he does all the things you want a point guard to do, like distributing the ball, harassing opposing guards, and, yes, sneaking up from behind to block breakaway layups.

It was Badmus' insertion into Bucknell's starting lineup last season that led to the Bison's conference run and his return to health from a nagging preseason hip injury that has keyed BU's recent successes (we are convinced had he and Chris McNaugton been at full speed early, the Bison would have at least one more win -- and maybe one more loss since beating Princeton would have meant a dome date with Syracuse).

Few basketball pundits have the insight to recognize anything more than stats. Most would go with the high scoring guy as their all-anything player. That Kyle recognizes Badmus' talents tells us a lot about his knowledge of the game.

Of course it might also have a little to do with Kyle actually getting out and seeing players. A lot of so-called experts know only what they see on Sportscenter, or read in the mainstream press.

Kyle is a quarter of the way through his ambitious plan to see 100 games this season. I doubt Dickie V. or Jay Bilas will see anywhere near that many.

While you are checking out Badmus' honor, be sure to scroll down for Kyle's account of his latest hoops adventure, last night's Brown-Providence game. As usual, it is a very enjoyable read.

While we are busy blowing smoke up other bloggers' backsides, let us credit Yoni over at the College Basketball blog with an assist for finding this piece by Jake Curtis in the San Francisco Examiner on Bucknell's win over Pittsburgh.

Curtis said yesterday's Bucknell Backcourt Club luncheon drew 150 people to the elegantly restored and remodeled Lewisburg Hotel. Normally these things draw about a quarter of that.

Now if they can only do that with the crowds at Sojka.

We make both Kyle's and Yoni's sites regular clicks each morning, and strongly suggest any hoops fans do the same.

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