He said, we said

Some times you read a quote and you just want to say, "Hey, but ..." And sometimes you are so hurting for fresh content for a morning update, that you'll try almost anything.

When those two situations coincide, they come together like vodka and olives for a little feature we are calling "He said, we said."

We begin down in the Lehigh Valley, where according to one column we read, a guy who was desperate enough for his 15 minutes of pseudo fame that he came to the game sans shirt, with an E painted on his chest (presumably along with five other local cable-celeb wannabes known a L, H, I, G and E's other brother H).

According to the reports, the guy was holding a sign that said:
Pedro says: Lehigh is Lafayette's Daddy.
Given the fact that the whole "Yankees are my daddy" thing flew out of the ballpark when Johnny Damon's grand salami did the same in Game 7, we have to wonder what E was thinking.

Especially since Lafayette holds a 132-69 edge in the series between the two rivals. Sorta makes us wonder if E's daddy is also his uncle.

Then there was Lehigh guard Joe Knight.

After Lehigh's sophomore center Jason Mgebroff scored 13 points and grabbed 7 rebounds against Lafayette, Knight was positively gushing:
"He was spectacular. If he plays like that he's capable of putting up 15 (points) and 10 (rebounds) every night."
Actually, according to the box score, if he plays like that he is capable of 13 points and 7 rebounds. And besides, the problem is, Mgebroff does not play like that every night. That is why he is only averaging 3.9 rebounds and 8.7 points per game.

Up on the tundra in Hamilton, Colgate coach Emmett Davis was not to thrilled with the officiating in the Raiders loss to Bucknell:
"We outrebounded them (29-25) and we were playing zone defense and they still took more free throws," Davis said. "They were more aggressive than they were in the first half (when Colgate failed to get to the foul line even once), but (the fouls) didn't change that much in the second half, either."
Quit your whining Emmett. Almost half your points came on threes. You jacked up 26 of them (making 11). When is the last you saw a jump-shooting team get to the line as often as one who has an inside attack? Colgate's slight rebounding edge came at the offensive end, which is not uncommon when you shoot a lot of threes, which are likely to result in longer caroms that are chased down by perimeter guys, not yanked down in a box-out battle under the tin.

Go strong or go home 'Gate.

Annapolis is our favorite places to visit in the league. The climate is better than in Hamilton, and so are the bars (just ask Matt over at the Patriot League blog if you don't believe me).

That doesn't mean we won't have fun with first-year Navy coach Billy Lange, who said after losing to American Wednesday:
"This team is improving."
Well maybe Billy, but in the midst of a four game losing streak, part of a stretch where you lost 8 of 9, could you be getting worse? Especially since one of the 8 losses came at home against a D-3 team that wouldn't be one game over .500 if not for your gracious hospitality.

Billy also said:
"We executed the game plan, we just chose not to make our shots."
We confess; we are a little confused how you can execute the game plan and choose to not make shots at the same time. We always just took it for granted that making shots would be a part of any game plan, thus failing to do so, by choice or otherwise, would seem to us to, by default, to mean you failed to execute the game plan. Heck, had we known not making shots could be a part of the game plan, we would have been much better at coaching 13-year-old girls last summer.

Ralph Willard on Holy Cross' outstanding sixth-man, Keith Simmons:
"Keith could obviously be a starter. But he's such an unselfish player. At the beginning of the season, he said 'This is the seniors' year.' He's been great for us."
Does anybody seriously think that if Ralph thought the Crusaders were a better team with Simmons starting, he would worry about what Simmons feels about the seniors? It's not like Simmons is giving up his playing time so Michael Smiley or Dan Brault get off the bench more.

Besides, two of the three starting guards for Holy Cross are underclassmen. Simmons comes off the bench because Willard thinks his team is better when he does that. Deference to the seniors has nothing to do with it. Ralph would dress and start team manager Chelsea Severson if he thought it would get the 'Saders a win.

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