Flannery update

A little clarity, though not a lot, on the Pat Flannery situation at Bucknell.

Flannery left last night's game against Lafayette at the half after becoming ill during the pregame and first half.

While no diagnosis has been made public, it appears Flannery's health issues are similar to those that caused him to leave a game against Army at the half last season, and to sit out two subsequent games.

At the time, there was concern Flannery was suffering from some sort of cardiac problem. After a battery of tests, it was determined to be a gastrointestinal ailment.

Flannery also missed last week's game against Army. At the time, Bucknell officials attributed his absence to a family emergency. It now seems that Flannery's absence for that Army game was due to the same sort of health problem that caused him to leave last night's game.

Earlier this morning, we said that was uncertain, since David Jones of the Patriot-News was reporting Flannery missed the Army game due to "a personal health issue" while Tom Housenick, in the Daily Item, was still calling it a family emergency.

Bucknell sports information director Jon Terry confirmed Jones' version. "He asked, Tom didn't," said Terry. (We are not criticizing Housenick. Tom was there for the Army game, and had no reason to suspect it was anything different since Bucknell never released any further clarification after the Army game.)

Terry said this morning, he did no have further details on Flannery's condition or his status for Sunday's game against Lehigh. "The situation was serious enough that he was unable to coach the second half," said Terry.

Whatever the ailment, Flannery was reportedly not hospitalized and was resting at home last night.

Bucknell officials will probably meet today to sort things, Terry said.

We will update further if and when more information becomes available.

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