Flannery issues statement

Bucknell coach Pat Flannery has released the following statement regarding his situation:

"I want to thank everyone for their support and understanding regarding the recent personal issue that I've had with my health.

The stresses and strains on coaches in this profession can be very demanding, and in my situation, these issues had begun to take a toll on me physically and mentally. The support from my family, team and administration has allowed me to get help in both areas. I feel good and have been making good progress. While I've been dealing with these issues, I've been able to remain actively engaged with team preparations and practices and I look forward to returning to the sidelines soon.

Obviously this situation has brought out what a program is all about, as our players and coaches have continued progressing each day. Again, I appreciate all the personal attention and support, and I look forward to seeing everyone soon."

-- Head Coach Pat Flannery

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