Crews appears safe at Army

According to Justin Rodriguez in the Times Herald-Record, Army A.D. Kevin Anderson is not sure Jim Crews will still be the Black Knights' coach next season.

Rodriguez writes:
No, Anderson isn't planning on firing Crews, 14-57 in two-plus seasons. Despite his record at Army, Anderson is worried that Crews' alma mater, Indiana University, might make a run at him after this season.
Rodriguez and Anderson both pose the theory that despite his horrendous record at Army, Crews would be a strong candidate for the Hoosiers job.

We searched all over for anyone else mentioning Crews as a possible successor if Davis leaves or is canned. Columnist Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star acknowledged the possibility in a chat with fans two weeks ago. His name also pops up a time or two in this thread on a message board on the Star's site.

Crews' name was floated by Sports Illustrated as a replacement for Bobby Knight when Davis first got the job back in 2000.

But there doesn't seem to be any huge groundswell of support for Crews the way there is for Iowa coach Steve Alford, or even Pat (son of Bobby) Knight.

Still, despite his poor record at Army, despite a 7-21 mark his last season at Evansville, Crews brings two things to the table: his close relationship with former Army AD Rick Greenspan who now holds that job at Indiana and his status as a former IU player.

Back in 2002 when Greenspan hired Crews at Army, Ken McMillan of the Times Record-Herald had this quote from Greenspan:
It was a little bit like a situation where maybe a woman is your best friend, and you end up marrying them.
McMillan also pointed out:
Crews played on the last undefeated national championship team, Knight's 1976 Indiana Hoosiers (32-0) of Scott May, Kent Benson, Quinn Buckner and Bobby Wilkerson. He then coached eight seasons under Knight, winning three Big 10 championships and the 1981 national title with the court stewardship of Isiah Thomas.
Alford might be the more popular choice, but there are no guarantees he would take the job, even if it is offered. That is no guarantee, either. It would be a little unusual for a team school to go after the head coach of another in its own conference.

And, of course, nobody has fired Davis yet either.

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